‘All that kale’

4 Nov 2020 - 15 May 2021

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Interview: Hannah Bruckmüller speaks to Jule Korneffel for BOMB Magazine on 15 March 2021

Vienna, Austria based art historian and theoretician Hannah Bruckmüller speaks to Jule Korneffel on the occasion of her exhibition ‘All that kale’ at the gallery. While spending an afternoon with her at the Strand Bookstore in New York City prior to the current COVID-19 pandemic, both decided to buy Patti Smith’s ‘Devotion’. Inspired by Smith’s writings, in the interview that follows they discuss artistic devotion, the entanglements of personal life and artistic practice, and how memories become brushstrokes.

Jule Korneffel – BOMB Magazine interview with Hannah Bruckmüller on 15 March 2021


Interview: Hector Campbell speaks with Jule Korneffel for FAD Magazine

Jule Korneffel sat down with art historian, writer and curator Hector Campbell to discuss her move to New York and time at Hunter College, her art historical and academic influences, her physical painting process and her solo exhibition ‘All that kale’ at Claas Reiss.

Jule Korneffel – FAD interview with Hector Campbell on 2 Nov 2020


Review: Rise Art’s Phin Jennings on ‘All that kale’ by Jule Korneffel

Rise Art’s Phin Jennings reviews Jule Korneffel’s upcoming show ‘ All that kale’ and includes it in the list of four ‘exhibitions to see in November in London’, together with Tate Britain, Simon Lee and Pippy Houldsworth.

Jule Korneffel – review Rise Art 21 Oct 2020


Publication: Essay by Terry R Myers on Jule Korneffel

The inaugural exhibition ‘All that kale’ by the German/American painter Jule Korneffel will be followed by a publication with an essay by Terry R Myers.

Jule Korneffel – essay Terry R Myers


Press release: Exhibition ‘All that kale’ by Jule Korneffel

Claas Reiss is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition ‘All that kale’ by the German/American painter Jule Korneffel in her first show in the UK.

Jule Korneffel – press release Oct 2020


Jule Korneffel, born and raised in Germany, graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2008 as Meisterschüler under Tal R. In 2015 she moved to New York, where she feels the particular inspirations of Mary Heilmann and Agnes Martin. After graduating from the M.F.A. program at Hunter College in 2018, Korneffel quickly gained attention for emotional but reductive paintings: recent shows include Phase Patterns at ltd los angeles, Here comes trouble at Spencer Brownstone in NYC and Mini Me Mary in Dialogue with Mary Heilmann at Albada Jelgersma Gallery in Amsterdam.

Korneffel’s abstract style of inscriptive mark making follows a minimalist sensibility yet, by allowing underpainting to remain visible, the paintings reveal a process of reduction and the layering appears as a filtering of experiences. The picture plane is a lived experience in which she is able to arrive at precise forms and colours by what she calls ‘floating through its creation’. 

In her exhibition All that kale with Claas Reiss in November 2020, A sun is the most recent and most reduced work with its one single mark on an ochre-ish ground. As in all her paintings, Korneffel imbued personal every day life experience into abstract language. ‘Suns are isolated and shine’ says Korneffel, referring to living in NYC during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

As simple and easy-going as the paintings might appear on first impression, it takes time for them to entirely unfold, having grown over time to multiple layers of paint. John Yau describes colour as ‘the carrier of emotion’ in Korneffel’s paintings, slowly manifested through the repetitive adding and taking away. Like the mind, these paintings never seem to stand still. Their floating form is reduced thus open—ended, concrete but incomplete. The works are continuums of time and space, still remain fragments, and provide space for viewers’ experiences rather than suggesting a certain path or meaning. All that kale asks us to live in these paintings for a moment — making time to return to ourselves.

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