19 May 2021 - 19 Jun 2021

News related to James Collins

Press release: Exhibition ‘Penumbra’ by James Collins

Claas Reiss is pleased to announce ‘Penumbra’ with new paintings by British artist James Collins in his first solo show and an essay written by Sacha Craddock.

‘Penumbra’ by James Collins – press release March 2021


Publication: Essay by Sacha Craddock on James Collins

Sacha Craddock has written an essay for the exhibition ‘Penumbra’ with new paintings by British artist James Collins in his first solo show. Sacha Craddock is an independent art critic, curator and consultant based in London. She has been chair of the board of Bloomberg New Contemporaries since 1996, the co-curator of the 2017 Turner Prize and a joint President of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) in the UK since 2018.

‘Penumbra’ by James Collins – essay by Sacha Craddock Dec 2020


James Collins (born 1992 in UK) graduated with BA (Hons) from Wimbledon College of Art, London, in 2015 and Master of Arts (MA) from Royal College of Art, London, in 2017. James was included in the Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2015 and the John Moore Painting Prize in 2016. Selected group exhibitions were ‘Lost & Found’ at Rod Barton in London (2017), ‘Duo’ at Galleri Jacob Bjørn in Aarhus, Denmark (2018) and, more recently, ‘Abstract with Figure’ at James Fuentes, New York City (2020) and ‘Hideaway’ at Monti8 in Latina, Italy (2021). Penumbra at Claas Reiss is James’ first solo show. James lives and works in Darlington, UK.

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