‘Call me if you get lost’ by Hannah Beerman

19 Jan 2023 - 4 Mar 2023

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Press release: Exhibition ‘Call me if you get lost’ by Hannah Beerman

Claas Reiss is pleased to present ‘Call me if you get lost’  by Hannah Beerman in her first exhibition in the UK. The exhibition is accompanied by a text written by Natalie Power. For details please click here.


Hannah Beerman (born 1992 in Nyack, NY) graduated with BA from Bard College in 2015 and MFA Painting from Hunter College in New York City in 2019. Selected solo or duo exhibitions include ‘Cult Classic’ (2021) at Kapp Kapp in New York City, ’Sunspots and Underpants’ at T293 in Rome, Italy, and more recently ‘As Above, So Below’, a duo show curated by Barry Schwabsky at the Arts Center at Duck Creek, East Hampton, NY, and ‘Friends & Family’ at Anton Kern’s WINDOW in New York City. Beerman’s forthcoming solo exhibition at Claas Reiss in January 2023 is her first exhibition in the UK. Beerman lives and works in New York City.

Hannah Beerman – CV Dec 2022